Coronavirus Update

We are remaining open during the COVID-19 outbreak... 

... but your order may take a 1 to 3 days longer to process since warehouse staff are reduced. Stocks are Ok at present with the exception of some spares and non-stock items which need to be ordered from Italian suppliers. Some items normally in stock might have gone out of stock - please use the Contact Us form to ask if you'd like to check before ordering. Please place any critical orders well in advance of need.

Italy has been hit heavily, as you will know, and many suppliers there have big staff shortages through people being off work ill or self-isolating. Some suppliers have closed temporarily until things improve and workers return, and there has also been the two week shutdown of all industry ordered by the Italian Government in early April. 

The following major suppliers are Italian: - Arven - Comet - Chierici Tito - Colortap - Faicom - Geoline - GF - Interpump - Lavor - Marco - Metal Micanti - Melegari - MTM Hydro - Marco - Neron - PA - Pratissoli - Rastelli - Sea Land - Soteco (ISSA brand) 

Items not in stock can be placed on backorder for these suppliers but we have no idea when backorders will be fulfilled and arrive, because neither do the suppliers at this time.

Almost all orders are sent by courier and this is operating as normal. Any items sent by Royal Mail though will be subject to long delays to all parts of the country due to the increased volume of items being ordered online during the lockdown.

21st April Update: PA are back in work and operating near-normally, but expect a delay while they cope with the orders backlog from 2 weeks of closure. Interpump are slowly catching up with orders too but expect a bit longer than the normal 4 weeks for spares or special order pumps to arrive.

15th May Update: stock is arriving again but slower than normal. The warehouse has a backlog of orders due to shortage of people so order processing is taking 4 to 5 days longer at present.

18th May: Courier services and Royal Mail are experiencing heavy traffic and delays in most parts of the country due to increased online buying during the COVID-19 epidemic. Tuffnells (pallet loads) are experiencing particular delays in Wales.

14th July: The warehouse is currently taking 1 to 2 days longer to process orders, otherwise all is functioning normally.